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"This book is a must read. It is amazing Elaine lived through her life. It was by her faith she was able to be successful and prevail. She is a wonderful mother and such an encourager! You won't want to put it down." -- Beth Almquist 

"Elaine is very thorough and precise in her writing.   She has experienced more physical and mental anguish than most people in a lifetime, yet she has overcome through her strong work ethic, ability to love, courage, tenacity, positive attitude and her strong faith in God..." -- Sharon Fredrickson

"A very well-written book by a wonderful Christian woman that always turned to her faith to get her through the hard times. Whether a person is going through a divorce or just going through difficult times Elaine let's you know that there is hope." -- Judy Kaiser 

"I very much enjoyed this book and was able to relate to the story on several levels. This is a very honest and straightforward autobiographical account of Ms. Norman's life, the challenges that she faced, the tragedies that she had to deal with, and the mistakes she made herself. It's obvious that she is a brave, smart, talented and strong woman, even though she went through times when she doubted herself. We all go through those times. Her religious faith and determination to do the best she could is evident on every page. I believe this book would help anyone facing challenges in their life." --  Sherlyn Jones

"I knew a lot of the events Elaine Norman related in her book. I feel she related the events described in a truthful and accurate manner. She absolutely pulled no punches. The book is a must read for any person going through a divorce either as an abused spouse or as a single mother with small children. I feel that the book provides a lot of encouragement and hope for a better day tomorrow for divorced moms, or dads, for that matter, who do not know which way to turn."

--  Everett S. Crumley

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