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You know, we all have many regrets. Looking back, we say to ourselves; "I should've, I could've, I would've", if only... We beat ourselves up over things we probably had no control over before and certainly don't have any control over now. Also, how are we supposed to enjoy the beautiful life God has given us, if we are stuck holding onto the past? Many times God allows us to make wrong choices and wrong turns in life to teach us valuable lessons so that He can build our character and make us stronger and wiser men and women.

Our "regrets" help to build our FAITH in God. We must realize and rest assured God is in charge of everything in our lives. Once we grasp that invaluable truth and believe it, life gets much better. FAITH is believing in the unseen and trusting God to take care of us. FAITH is thanking God ahead of time for what is next to come. Also, many times our regrets cause us sorrow and shame beyond words. We wonder how we can ever loosen ourselves from them. The memories just keep returning over and over. We cannot change the past; therefore, we MUST NOT carry the past into the present nor the future. God doesn't want us to carry those burdens. He is willing to carry them for us. Just ask Him --- it may take more than one prayer before you really believe it will happen --- but sooner or later your FAITH will set in, and your BELIEF will take over. It will happen.

Remember, you can't move forward in life holding onto the past and all of those regrets. God wants us to be happy and live fruitful and abundant lives. Take a leap of FAITH and BELIEVE for the BEST. Ask Him to take "it" from you. He will.

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