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Waiting Causes Weariness

Sometimes when it takes a long time to see our hopes and dreams come to pass, we tend to get discouraged and give up on ourselves as well as our dreams. Getting depressed causes us to lose our energy and our passion. We have to remember the important fact that God is in charge of the timing, NOT us. It was God who gave us that dream in the first place. Circumstances seem to just keep bringing more delays that weren't expected--like expenses for growing children, new appliances and other household needs, medical bills, and other insurmountable needs. We tend to become drained and just plain weary with self-doubt and doubt whether God has heard your prayers or even cares about you any more.

This is the time we work on our attitudes and think positive in the face of that weariness. Turn around and look at others and see who you can help. Be grateful for the many blessings and miracles God has already provided for you. Get a new hope and determination by holding onto God's strength when we seem to have lost our own. When things look impossible, we hold God's hand and run with Him.

Never talk about the negative during this time. Always stay positive and thank God that your dream is on its way. Fake it until you make it. Get a determination about your hopes and dreams that will renew your strength and show God you mean business. Show your renewed energy and passion by doing good for your family and others. Just believe with all your heart that God is in charge, and your dream will come in His good time.

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