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It Takes Courage to Be Kind

With all of the mean-spirited things we see on TV, hear on the news from the pundits, watch in the nightly news, listen to from our Hollywood and Washington elites, and see our government's elected officials spewing at one another, I wonder what it would take for these people to recognize what real courage is. It doesn't take a very big man or woman to use their "so-called" power to destroy another human being, a city, or a country for that matter. When I was growing up, I was taught that cowards acted this way. They sit in the safety of their "towers" and spew lies and hate talk about others. They assume people believe them and admire them for doing so. I don't. I call them out for being the cowards and miserable people they really are that only want to spread their misery to others. Hang onto your misery and self-loathing and keep it for yourselves. We can do without you.

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf coast with a vengeance and destroyed people's homes, livelihood, churches, and their lives leaving them devastated and hopeless in many cases. We saw strangers having the courage to help one another and show kindness words cannot describe. These kind acts were shown on TV while the big-city news anchors and other elites who have never gotten their hands dirty in their lives just sat in shock while dreaming up their next negative attack on anyone or anything they could think of. The Hollywood elites got all dressed up and pranced around the stage spewing hate and lies about things they knew nothing about while pretending to raise money for the poor, pitiful hurricane victims are prime examples of the pathetic, self-consumed cowards they really are. They couldn't even put on a benefit without trying to destroy someone or something else.

Being KIND takes COURAGE. It isn't the norm these days. Our young people are missing some very big lessons in life because parents, teachers, and others in their lives aren't bothering to take the time to show them, by example, what goodness and kindness is all about. I think it's about time all of us stopped and took a long, hard look at ourselves. Are we courageous, or are we cowards?

Let's have the courage to show kindness and tolerance to others. Lead by example.

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