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Key Social Elements to Succeed

A bright, sparkling SMILE goes a long way in our society today. So many of us have so much on our minds at once; we don’t realize that we seldom smile. Whether in a crowd, entering a room or office, of over the dinner table, a genuine smile creates a happy countenance and makes us more approachable, inviting, and nonthreatening. People are drawn to others with a special sparkling smile. It puts a happy, captivating spin on interactions with others.

The appealing use of our eyes is another success builder with others. Our eyes are truly the windows to our souls. Those with little depth are devoid of expression or emotion and come off like robots of some kind. They are unable to betray what lies deeply buried within when they don’t look others in the eye to speak. They seem to always say and do the right thing—anything expected in appropriate circumstances—but the lack of sincerity isolates them from others.

True sincerity is crucial. Say things to others because you mean it and because your saying it will mean a great deal to the other person. It is always better to give a genuine compliment than to make an insincere comment about something that means nothing the other person. People know.

Inquisitiveness is essential and demonstrates the fact that you are thoughtful and caring. Ask questions with sincerity so that people will know you are not bluffing. Introduce a subject of mutual interest so that an enthusiastic discussion can follow. Within five questions you will hit on something that sparks a lively conversation. Use facial expressions that show wonderment, awe, sympathy, empathy, interest to whatever the other person is saying. Be warm and gracious—never cool and detached. Don’t be afraid to use your sharp, knowledgeable mind. Try to keep informed on as many subjects as possible. Knowledge gives substance to your conversation.

Flattery will get you far, but you must mean what you say. People instinctively know the sincerity or insincerity of compliments. Find something GOOD about the other person quickly and comment on it. Positive comments are important when you first meet someone because they get things off to a good start.

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