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It's Not "Stylish"?

Our culture has moved away from old-fashioned “ways”. It’s not stylish to use manners at the table and elsewhere. Instead adults don’t even try to teach their children manners, much less set an example and use manners themselves or expect their children to use them with friends or in public places. It’s not stylish to keep our mouth shut when we disagree with others. Instead, people seem to jump in with both feet and add insult after insult to others they disagree with. It’s not stylish to display kindness to others.

Our schools are infiltrated with bullies who practice cowardice by purposely hurting other kids verbally or physically when out of sight of authority figures. If someone does witness those acts, they are afraid of speaking up because of the retaliation they might receive. Our young people are taught early on by witnessing parents bullying one another or others as well as watching the accolades given to the TV shows and movies with the most put-downs from one actor to another. It’s not stylish to discipline children with a heightened voice or words of advice for fear of being too harsh. Parents today are afraid to discipline their own children. Instead they want to be “best friends” with them as do many teachers in the classroom. Young people soon learn to disrespect those “friends” and ignore them.

Our elected officials have become so cruel and disrespectful to one another on national TV—out of the power they feel they have achieved from being in office for far too many years. They treat the general-public in a condescending way as though they are the only ones with any sense—not remembering those with no sense are the ones who voted them into office in the first place. Our celebrities, the singers, actors, and athletes feel they have risen to such importance they can also look down their noses at the general-public and tell them how to think. The elected officials and celebrities have made a living off of the general public in a make-believe world that has not prepared them to remotely understand how the general-public lives, thinks, or survives. Most have not filled their own gas tank, driven their own car, bought their own groceries, or cooked their own meals on a regular basis for a long time—or maybe never. They are out of touch with the reality of most of us they regard as the ignorant general-public.

Our colleges and universities are teaching young people such liberal ideas that they cannot cope with life at all when they graduate. They teach hate—if you disagree with someone, just hate them. They continue to rack up debt and keep going to school because it’s easier then dealing with reality or going to work.

God has been taken out of our schools. It’s not stylish to talk about God in public—someone might be offended. This is a sad state of affairs. In God’s 9 Fruits of the Spirit—Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness or Humility, Faithfulness, and Self-Control or Self-Discipline—we see the 9 basic human traits He expects us to have and to practice toward one another. We should display all nine of these traits “together” daily. God says being right is overrated. We need to get good at walking away. He wants us to have a pure heart that controls our thought life--our words, actions, emotions, attitude and motives. He wants us to remember the purpose of discipline is to free us—not enslave us. He wants us to watch over our thoughts and take them captive. When we do this, we choose LIFE.

Let’s just choose to be nice and kind to one another and see what a difference we can make in our own lives as well as in the lives of those around us.

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