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Things Southern Women Know

Humor is essential for survival in the South. But it is not nearly as important as our learning from the hard times and the toxic people we encounter in our lives. Be grateful for those tortuous Satans who have darkened your path as well as the Saints who have lighted the way. Many times we learn more from our enemies than we do from the mentors in our lives. Our detractors are adept at making us aware of our flaws to make us understand just how imperfect we really are. They also teach us survival skills to help us realize how strong and resilient we are.

Optimism encourages the creation of dreams and fuels our desire to follow them. If we allow cynicism to cloud that optimism, it will take more away from our lives than it ever gives. The greatest battle Southern women wage in life is against that of cynicism. We are big dreamers in the South as well as great doers. This combination of doing and dreaming lies at the center of all of our success. Tenacity feeds our never-say-die attitude. We let ourselves down when we allow our dreams to lie stifled within our hearts---those dreams we hold dear but never found the time nor inclination to make come true. God gave you that dream, and He will work with you to make it come true. Mistakes and the lessons learned from them prepare us to chase our dreams. The bigger the dream the bigger the preparation must be. Southern women understand the concept of accepting our mistakes and putting diligent effort into learning from them.

Southern women are not perfect in any manner. We learn early in life to fan the flames of defeat. We refuse to throw away the pieces of our lives that were riddled with poor choices. We salvage the good and learn from the bad. We appreciate those Saints and forget the Satans. We wholeheartedly believe in making the best out of a bad situation.

There will be much more on this subject.

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