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Hope is the anchor of our soul. God never had any intention of any of us living hopeless and stressed out or overcome by fear. Fear cripples us, and we must talk with God immediately when we fear anything. God gave all of us many GIFTS. We may feel we have no gifts. What are they? How do we identify them?

What do you enjoy doing?

What are you GOOD at doing?

We all have gifts. When we stir up our gifts, we stir up our HOPE. We are anchored in HOPE, but our emotions can pull us in other directions—sadness, depression—causing us to give up on things. However, with HOPE, God will make things happen. Our FAITH kicks in after hope. Hope is an expectancy of better things. Our circumstances sometimes cause us to give up on ourselves. We must have HOPE in the Lord NOT people or things. They let us down; God doesn’t. He makes things happen and gives us beauty for ashes. Get in sync with God daily and watch your life change for the better. He wants you to discover those gifts He gave you and begin to use them for your betterment. With God’s help you can find them.

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