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Our attitude can take us to mediocrity or victory. Mediocrity is easy to get comfortable with. We must never let that seed take root in our minds and lives, or, before long, we look around and see ourselves in a cesspool of nothingness. Perhaps we have let our guard down on our own personal appearance as well as our surroundings. We develop a mindset of “Oh, I’ll do this or that tomorrow or later”, and it just never gets taken care of. We just continue making excuses and develop that mindset of excusing ourselves out of the “little” things that were once important to us. Our destiny is slowly being chipped away. Only YOU can change that wrong mindset you have allowed in. Stay in FAITH and begin to take steps to get rid of the “say nots”. You are well able to get your mind and words going in the right direction. Say to yourself what God says about you—“I am His masterpiece and a child of the Most-High God”. Say to yourself, “I’m in it to win it. There is no place for mediocrity in my life ever again”. Set a new STANDARD for yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

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