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Life After Rejection of a Cheating Husband

I loved my high school sweetheart beyond all else. We married while still in college when we found out I was pregnant. The beautiful little girl was born; I graduated and went to work. He went away to boot camp, came home and graduated as well. We both worked and bought our first home. Things got crazy when he went to summer camp at Fort Hood, TX and came home to tell me the story of his indiscretion with a woman there. I’m not confrontational. I was hurt and angry, and when he said he was sorry; it would never happen again; I believed him.

We prayed together, went to church, and carried on with our marriage. As time passed, he did cheat–time and time again. I bottled up hurt, anger, fear of being a single parent, disappointment in him, and rejection by the man I adored. There was a second daughter. I asked God for wisdom and courage to do what I needed to do. This lasted 13 years.

Again, I had a beautiful home that I loved, and I walked away from it. I had no self-esteem and felt ugly. I just knew no man would ever love me again or want me. I had been second-best to my husband’s other women for so long; I had no value to anyone–much less myself. I was left a to raise my daughters alone. I was scared to death.

My faith and trust in God brought me to a new place in life. God brought me a new job with more money. My job helped me to gain self-confidence. I moved into a very nice patio home and made it into a beautiful, safe haven for the three of us. Life became much better for all three of us, and we were happy.

My book tells the story of my years alone with my remarkable daughters.

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