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To Women Who Have Been Rejected and Left Alone

If you have, ask God to help you develop self-discipline to make some life changes about eating habits and exercise habits. Get going. Get up early and put on make-up. Do something nice with your hair–maybe try a new hairstyle and color. Never go in public with no make-up and scraggly hair. Start smiling at yourself in the mirror and to others. Get a few new clothes–not necessarily expensive–just something that is your color and that looks good on you, and that you feel pretty in. Start making positive affirmations to yourself–self talk is very important. Say things like: I am pretty; I am special; I am a good person; God loves me; I am the child of the most high God; I am approved by God; and anything else you can think of that is positive about yourself.

Look carefully at who you are associating with. “Show me your friends; I’ll show you your future.” Stop hanging around and talking to other negative people that you don’t admire. Pay attention to the choices you are making about yourself. Remember, we are defined by ur choices. Fake it till you make it. It’s okay to smile at others when you are hurting inside. Do things on purpose to counteract those negative feelings.

In my book, “For Better For Worse”, I talk about this subject and how I went through it, and how, with God’s help, I managed to overcome the sadness of rejection and its’ consequences.

Attitude about yourself is the most important thing you have going for you now. You were left alone with no self-esteem or self-confidence. You feel like you can never love again nor will anyone ever love you. You feel ugly. This is where attitude and love of God comes in. God still loves you. You are His child. If you can’t make a move for yourself then make a move for your heavenly father. Pray and talk to God about your negative feelings. Then you must fake it till you make it. Stop eating for comfort. Do not allow yourself to gain a bunch of weight.

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