Professional Speaking Topics

I have spent a majority of my life speaking in front of groups of people, whether it was groups of students or adults from all walks of life. Speaking and motivating others is my passion. I am available to speak on the following topics:

*Single Parenting

     -Being a single parent and raising children alone

*Abuse in Marriage

     -Living with verbal or physical abuse in marriage and finding the courage to leave an abusive marriage when you have become the "walking wounded" from the aftermath of the abuser

*Coping with a Cheating Spouse

     -Marriage with a cheating partner, coping with rejection from that partner when you feel you are still in love with them, and how to determine whether to stay or leave

*Moving Forward from a Broken Marriage

     -How to move on when your heart is broken and you have no self-esteem

*Learning to Live Again with a Physical Disability

     -Wounded warriors and others surviving physical trauma from injuries and facing a "new normal" for the rest of their life while also learning to cope with their disability

*Pitfalls of a Second Marriage

     -Raising another's children while your own children suffer

*Dealing with a life threatening disease

     -How a parent copes when your child has a life-threatening disease, like ovarian cancer, and think please God, why not me instead of her?

*Parenting with Tough Love

     -How a parent demonstrates "tough love" to save their child

*Unwed mothers

     -Helping unwed mothers or those looking at abortion

*How the physically abused moves on

     -Help for a physically abused teacher to step back into the classroom

*Helping Ageing Parents

     -Being there to assist aging parents from a distance and admitting you can no longer care for aging parents and doing what is necessary

*Money Problems

     -The constant need to pay bills when there isn't any more money

*Getting Older

     -Getting older and looking at the future with hope instead of despair

*How God Can Help

     -God, Prayer and faith solves most everything that could ever go wrong


     -Attitude, self-esteem, self-discipline, goal setting and appearance (with high school and college level young adults)

*Changing Careers

     -In mid-life

I truly enjoy sharing my experiences and advice I have learned in not only my professional life but my personal life as well. If you would like to schedule me to speak for a group or event you have please feel free to contact me to schedule a date by clicking below:

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