Are you one of the many men and women living your life in self-doubt, feeling worthless because of the harmful impact of reckless choices made by others in your life? Feeling you are hopeless, helpless, and powerless against the many trials that just won’t stop coming in your personal life as well as raising children alone can be overwhelming. Reach for God’s hand and grab it. He wants to give you the courage to step out in faith and change your life beyond anything you can imagine. For Better For Worse author Elaine Norman reveals her life with a narcissistic, philandering husband who tromped on her with his on-going parade of women and lies only to remarry a man who tried to destroy her with his controlling, railing tirades that left her feeling she had no value. Unending problems with his children caused her to lose closeness with her own girls. During both of her marriages, she enabled her husbands to continue their condescending, disrespectful ways. God allowed her to have undeniable physical pain and personal torment to wake her up and lead her to Him and freedom.

For Better For Worse

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